ITWASSOOTED: Prosperity is the worlds best birth control

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Prosperity is the worlds best birth control

birthrate is dropping in advanced western countries do to prosperity?

in less developed countries the birthrate is higher to combat infant mortality rates, poor healthcare systems, famine and war.

the idea of larger families has to do with old age care of families also, the more children you have the better chance a few of them will be around in your old age to help support you when you no longer can.

an old age family pension plan.

in advanced prosperous societies the state or the job market would provide for your old age after you are no longer able to support yourself with jobs.

as job market advances to a smaller share towards workers and most profits to shareholders and bondholders this type of retirement is no longer possible.

workers saving their own smaller wages for retirement is not actually feasible with daily costs of living always increasing and wages stagnating for decades for workers.

government tax rolls no longer are able to  support administer any quality of life payments to old pensioners,  the tax money needed is spent on foreign adventures in the guise of military interventions, businesses are encouraged to forgo or abdicate paying taxes via the tax code written and amended to benefit hedge funds bondholders and the top business earners.  off shore of random tax havens are set up for the ones that already have security.

the economy of western/white countries are being flooded with foreign invaders in the guise of "workers".  the white or western populations are sustaining enough population to keep business supplied with workers. invasion of other-worlders is demanded by large corporations.

at the same time certain sectors of the native population are living in squalor and crime for lack of opportunity or work?!?

another sector of the business workforce is shipped off to other countries for cheaper wages and another way to avoid business paying for their existence in western countries taxes.

at the same time your company exports jobs your company or industry clambors for immigration for more workers doesn't really sound right.

I'm sure bigger brains than mine have a reasonable explanation
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