ITWASSOOTED: <a href="">Caribbean sun </a>Friday freeroll :100.00 prize pool:updated

Friday, September 30, 2005

Caribbean sun Friday freeroll :100.00 prize pool:updated

Not a lot of prize but its dealt hands for free. Its possible to win money in this game.. Even make final table. wooohooo 220 chips with a 97 os in the bb I'll report back after my portion of the game is done..............

ok I'm done I took my chipstack down below 600 brought it back over 2k then with bold moves I had an ace high straight after the turn I bet my pile all in........Well folks there was a floosh ya see and no I wasn't really looking at the board I got flush fooked and didn't even know it......I mean a nut straight on the turn its almost as bad as flopping the gawd damn straight right? Should automatically fold that shit! Next time
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