ITWASSOOTED: getting dirty

Monday, September 19, 2005

getting dirty

today was picture day at work,unbeknownst(sp?) to me.the rest of the guys i've worked with will think its a photo shoped pic when they see it in the company news letter (Berg Tattler?) why you ask? for starters i'm filthy dirty, looks like i been in the coal mines. thats just not normal for me recently. second i have alllllll my safety regalia on. third i'm wearing tool bags. you may be able to see the pictures and read the news letter soon online, i believe they are updating the berg website...lemme go find the url... Bergdrywall dunno if it is active at the mo it wouldn't come up.
i'm using opera browser and my setting must not be correct to use this blog editor there's not a button to imbed links or photo's i'm going to have to switch to ms explorer and endure popups galore. post it and edit later because there just may be someone, anyone that will look over here soon!
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