ITWASSOOTED: Spaghetti Tuesday

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Spaghetti Tuesday

Tuesday used to be spaghetti Tuesday in our house, everyday for I bet 5-6 years we had spaghetti on Tuesday come hell or high water. People we know, relatives would drop by and they knew it was spaghetti Tuesday we would feed any body that came around . Some days we had extra which made my lunch on Wednesday spaghetti Wednesday. Even guys I worked with would say when they seen my lunch on Wednesday "oh hey it was spaghetti Tuesday huh" I'd answer "yeah just the three of us last night so I get some today"and back onto filling my face with noodles.
now some days one of us would get home early or have the day off and that day you might get an actual meatball. I'm still champion meatball maker in our house. Even giving out my secrets nobody here has the knack, or maybe I left out part of the secrets? I'm leaning on nobody here has the knack I do.
but most of those 300-350 Tuesdays it was just crushed up doctored ground meat. I say doctored because that's what my people called it,"here dad you doctor up the meat" "yeah so it doesn't tasted like boil in a box" is what id say.
now we are not Italians (not that there is anything wrong with Italians) but we dig noodles and sauce nonetheless any kind noodle any kind sauce, almost.
this habit started one day while I was lounging about watching TV and a commercial came on about I think it was prince macaroni? Any how the voice over goof is saying that in such and such a neighborhood Tuesday is prince macaroni day. Well now I say why not we can have that right here in our little neighborhood me my wife and our new boy. And so the legend of spaghetti Tuesday was born in our little household.
now somewhere around I Dunne maybe one of my bouts with imbicility it got lost. We still practice the ritual but not as fervently as in past years

today we are havin pork chops beans and rice..........
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