ITWASSOOTED: Direct TV saga day three

Monday, September 26, 2005

Direct TV saga day three

Today is a sunshiny day in direct TV land. This means of course my signal can now be re had. All I have to do is climb up on the roof and repoint the dish to an area in the sky that isn't obscured by trees and rain. Or 190 degrees azimuth and 37 degrees elevation based on my zip code. That's all fine and dandy I guess if you are a sailor or an astronomer. I'm neither. So I use a hit and miss method one of the chidrens watches the signal as I move the dish around. We use the family plan cell phone so we don't have to yell out the windows and say WHAT YOU SAY a lot.
when I came down the signal was in the mid 80's it now seems to be in the high 40's. This I fear means I'll be back up there sooner than just a rainy day.
but for the moment there is a couple hundred channels to leaf through YAAYAYAYA.
tonight I can watch commercial free crapola again and not be subjected to nitetime food commercials.....
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