ITWASSOOTED: Badger win gophers embarrassed

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Badger win gophers embarrassed

The last minute of this game.

gophers back deep in own end to punt to badgers

snap is fumbled by Moran.

Moran kicks the ball into the face of three badgers.

three badgers chase the ball into the end zone touch down badgers.

badgers kick off to imbecile.

imbeciles fumble the run back.

end of season for these simpletons.

they can go to any motherfuckin music city bowl they want its just not a winning program.

also ran wanna be gophers.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "We're a mature team now. We don't fall apart when faced with adversity." — Minnesota head coach Glen Mason on what differentiates this Gopher team from previous versions.

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