ITWASSOOTED: The coming Psychiatric State.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The coming Psychiatric State.

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OCTOBER 15, 2005. Below you will find a release from the ever-vigilant Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP). It concerns the origins of the Bush mental-health screening program and the toxic drugs that are an integral part of this proposal.

The AHRP release is based on an interview with whistleblower Allen Jones. The interview was conducted by The Rutherford Institute.

First you'll read the AHRP release, in which all the quotes (unless otherwise identified) come from Jones, and then we have a portion of The Rutherford Institute interview with Jones.

A few introductory points. While Jones recognizes the scam (crime) involved, he doesn't speak about the toxicity of the older psychiatric drugs against which some of the newer drugs were tested.

And then there is Bush himself. You'll see that the earlier Texas project, which resembles the current Bush national mental-health screening proposal, was begun while Bush was governor of Texas.

The whole idea that a significant proportion of American children are mentally ill, and need drugs, is something that Bush has okayed both in his tenure as Texas governor and during his stay at the White House.

Bush is, of course, tipping his cap to the pharmaceutical industry and seeing that this sector is accorded all the $$ support he can give. But beyond that, he is backing a pyschopathic idea about mental illness, under the guise of "I care."

Is this out of sheer stupidity? Or is there also a deep and abiding indifference to the lives of millions of children? Does Bush feel, in his heart, that we are living in the "end times," and therefore "God will sort it all out?"

Is he himself, as has been suggested, taking antidepressants in an effort to keep it together?

There is no evidence that ANY recognized mental disorder has a biological or chemical root cause. In other words, to name a mental disorder (which is officially done by committee), the wizards assemble lists of behaviors and cluster them and apply labels.

On the other hand, some children and adults who are suffering from problems which appear to have no organic origin ARE being helped by nutrients and by proper diet changes. This, of course, is no part of the mental-health screening proposal.

All psychiatric drugs are toxic.

And the idea of diagnosing millions of children with mental disorders is, at bottom, a plan to toxify and control these kids.

It is part of the coming Psychiatric State.

You can't or don't want to conform and fit in? You are mentally ill, and you need poisonous drugs.

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