ITWASSOOTED: Chambers Hotel Day One

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Chambers Hotel Day One

Good gawd damn what a disaster these two buildings are. There must be a reason they aren't tore down and built new from ground up. I see hardly any great ornamental architectural work that needs preserving. But who the hell am I to say.
this is two buildings that will be joined with a new link. Another level will be added at the top of each building. Its a fookun mess right now, reminds me of Jones hall that we did this past spring and summer at the u of m. That building was built I think in 1918 or so and they just "renovated' it. That building I saw the historic value at a passing glance but so far not this one. We will see though the reasons become clearer sometimes as time goes by.
this building is going to have no parking, want to know why? I'll tell yah, you see the proposed clientele doesn't drive themselves the limo driver does. Well la tee daaaaaaaaaaaa. I guess that will leave me out as a guest. I don't really care I mean the very rich always need more and better right? Why hell if they don't,how are they supposed to trickle it down our backs?
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