ITWASSOOTED: Ilamatepec volcano erupts 1st time in a century

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ilamatepec volcano erupts 1st time in a century

El Salvador volcano kills two, thousands flee
02 Oct 2005 03:11:52 GMT
Source: Reuters

(Updates with two deaths, evacuations, previous SAN SALVADOR)

By Rene Tobar

PALO CAMPANA, El Salvador, Oct 1 (Reuters) - El Salvador's largest volcano erupted for the first time in a century on Saturday, killing two people and forcing thousands to flee their homes.

The Ilamatepec volcano, also known as Santa Ana, hurled out hot rocks, ash and boiling water on Saturday morning and a massive plume of smoke rose more than 10 miles (16 km) into the air.

Two people were killed under a landslide caused by the volcano's eruption in the small community of Palo Campana, near the crater, the government said.
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