ITWASSOOTED: The hotel second week

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The hotel second week

Shaft walls where do you put them, and who decides where a shaft wall is needed.

good fuckin grief this project has been in the works for years and nobody until today thought ten minutes about fire rating duct shafts?
ok ten minutes might be a tad understated, but fuck me runnin don't ask me where they go or how they go, just TELL me what the fuck you want and where that's when we can communicate. I build the systems I don't decide where they go or what or for what reason,. You dig? Well these arseholios don't it would seem, they ask me "if we can do this" I shrug and say oh sure if that's what you want write it down on a court approved legally binding piece of p[aper then we can proceed. Do not ask for my opinion and three months later decide you don't know me and wont pay for what was done on an opinion by the dumbassed drywaller. ya dig what I'm sayin?

anyway we ironed out a few more kinks and it looks like I'm in for a few million more before this thing is half over. Many many issues to discuss before we BUILD any fookun thing.
I've moved into a fancier office than last week it took on some rain over night and the roof held up to keep the water out, that's a huge plus.
some core drilling for plumbing started on "p" 4th floor.

foundation and poured walls for link are going up backfilling pobably next week
the brick restoration is going along. Ah what else did I see, oh yeah iron on "f" for 5th floor should start within a week. There we have some bearing walls to get going on. The "p' building store fronts on hennipen should start early next week by us also, needs a little more concrete and steel set first probable this week that will be done.

tomorrow I'll take some photos and post........
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