ITWASSOOTED: Fitzgerald and McNulty: Battling Neo-cons Together since 2002

Monday, October 24, 2005

Fitzgerald and McNulty: Battling Neo-cons Together since 2002

click on the picture for the rest of the story. everyday wayne gathers more and more dirt and i'm pretty sure you won't see it on your broadcast news sources.

October 24, 2005 -- Paul McNulty as Deputy Attorney General. US Attorney for Eastern Virginia Paul McNulty has been described as a GOP foot soldier. However, while serving as US Attorney for Eastern Virginia, McNulty has been a thorn in the sides of the neo-cons. He aggressively investigated and indicted Israeli Pentagon spy Larry Franklin and two former top officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). His investigation of others involved in transmitting highly-classified intelligence to Israel continues.

However, what is not generally known is that, aside from AIPACgate, McNulty, like US Attorney for Northern Illinois (and Special Prosecutor in Leakgate Patrick J. Fitzgerald), aggressively pursued another case against a group of neo-cons involved in a criminal conspiracy.

As with Fitzgerald, whose investigation of Hollinger (the neo-con news conglomerate that owns the Chicago Sun Times, Daily Telegraph of the UK, and Jerusalem Post) and one of its principals, Richard Perle, McNulty focused on a neo-con cabal involved in a fraudulent US Air Force contract with Boeing to supply it with refueling tankers. The Principal Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition and Management Darleen Druyun pleaded guilty to accepting employment from Boeing in return for giving Boeing favorable treatment for billions of dollars in contracts. Druyun served nine months in prison.
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