ITWASSOOTED: rosco makes a final table

Saturday, October 22, 2005

rosco makes a final table

Its been a few months but roscorude made it to a final table today.
this game started with almost 300 players, wait I'll go look
263. Not bad for yank. Getting your money back is my first goal always, this one cost 2 pound something. some bob I suppose. Then if I make my money back my next goal is final table there if you have enough chips the adrenalin can start to pump. Its not the money I don't think its the thrill of the chase. The giant stacks of chips when you get close to winning. I've been in some tourneys that had 10 thousand players each starting with 1000 or 1500 chips at a final table there are massive chip piles. One of my first chances at a final table I remember vaguely I made it to heads up for the bracelet.. This game probably started with 1000 players. I made it that far and then through some disastrous moves I lost a huge chip advantage and a garnered some grumbles from left over players watching. You learn you learn to just grin and say f.o. I made it here you suck and yer typing in green so stfu.
now I have won a couple bracelets though and that's is as satisfying as it gets for me in online poker . No matter if its a 100 prize pool or 1000 its still way cool to actually take all the damn chips. This level of play that I enjoy has a different reward it aint the money for sure its the thrill of the chase chips and a chair and we are off to shangrala............................oh yeah i won 26 squid and a few bob
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