ITWASSOOTED: Small freakish hotel update

Monday, October 31, 2005

Small freakish hotel update

Took a few quick shots today on my rounds to see if bergdrywall was getting fucked over anywhere by other trades.

it didn't look like it on my rounds of actually only one building of the two.

I have a few freaky looking shots of the link progress.

I few shots of guys with a giant concrete saw in the basement, I'll have to try and lighten one up it didn't flash very good with my cheap assed camera.

oh and a don't remember if I updated my office picture from a few weeks ago?

I tried to get a picture of my guy working on the p building west elevation hanging out over the sidewalk from 4th floor but I couldn't really at the time go across the street to get a good angle(boss might get pissed being out on street during working hours)
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