ITWASSOOTED: Traffic blog-0-rant part deux

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Traffic blog-0-rant part deux

This episode of traffic-blog-0-rant is brought to you by DEARSLAYER.COM when your front end needs protection dearslayer and dearslayer 5000 are your answer.

on a southern entry to the main of my town is a certain fork in the road. When I say my town I mean the town I live in not the town I own, lotto is tonight maybe tomorrow. As you come into my town from the west you come up on a slight left curve that brings you to a northern heading, as the road does this in entwines with another road that is coming from the south, on the south to north road we encounter there is a yield sign a red and white triangle that I always thought it meant that the fuckweasels on this artery were to slow or stop if traffic was present from the merging type road to their west. You see these two roads as I mentioned intermingle at this juncture one side has a yield sign red white triangle. Now can any of you fuckweasels explain to me WHY IN SAM FUCK DO I HAVE TO BRAKE AS I ENTER THIS ROADWAY? Every fucking moran coming from the south as I'm entering this roadway FAILS TO YIELD. Come rain or shine nobody knows that sign is there I guess except me?
how the fuck can that be? Another crazy thing about this road, when I'm coming from the south on the yield side if traffic is coming I fucking stop, and if any car is behind me the swerve to go around me making the oncoming traffic stop or severely slow.
now maybe I got it wrong yield actually means to merge which I thought was a yellow color designation, and red was a kinda WARNING stop if shits oncoming. I'm going to look it up one of these days.
when I'm cut off like this I have a terrible urge to accelerate and ram the offending motherfuckers up into a pile ahead on the highway rolling and smashing and contorting their vehicles into mangled steel pulp. Then wait for the sheriff calmly to explain officer I guess they didn't fucking yield I never saw them.

the dearslayer 5000 can be bulked up to 1/2 steel plate to give added protection in those FAILURE TO YIELD SITUATIONS............
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