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Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday cat blogging

Though I am no cat fancier, today is Friday when it seems their is a need to "cat blog". My guess is its a way to say I got nuttin here's my fookun cat doing nuttin.
so here is my first foray into "cat bloggin" sans the cat of course.
I'm on my way home tonite taking a slight detour because its kill a deer season and I live on a north bound main artery to the killing zone. I'm traveling north on Lexington avenue near ham lake. Going kinda slow at least for the usual pace that is the freeway. I'm lookin around at shit I hardly remember being there the last time I drove this way, could have been years and things do change. Up ahead I spot something near the centerline of the road. I get nearer nearer nearer its a fookun cat! a puurrrfectly smooth cat. This cat could have been Sylvester da puddy tat. It was grey black kinda (hard to tell it being so close to the tarmac) with the whitest lil paws you ever seen. I whizzed by and said outloud to nobody but me "man that fuckin cat was flat" it was like a steam roller from acme with tweety bird drivin had caught that Sylvester and drove over him making him sooooooooooooo flat arms all stuck out legs splayed out like he was a fookin cartoon.
now don't get me wrong (again) here I'm not reveling in this poor cats demise, I'm only marveling in public now about how puuuuuuurfectly flat it looked. This cat I'm sure was someone's beloved pet and I'd mourn for its lil cat soul but I don't really do that sort of stuff. That cat would have been a puuuuuuurfect example to show my kids why I was so reluctant here to get a pet cat or dawg in or present location. I really didn't want to have the lil kids see I squished cat or dawg on the roadway next to our house. Now that they are older we have a squishable pet and they have been duly warned of the flatness an animal like that can attain. And I think living with me they will 'get over it ' if it happens to them and theirs.

and that's my Friday cat blog for today
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