ITWASSOOTED: New crane arrives today

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New crane arrives today

The 90 ton crane arrived today to begin the 5th floor steel erections. Its a nice size road drivable crane not sure of its reach but I think it will dip over the building on the north side, should be nice for 9th St deliveries.
this morning I dropped my camera about 45 feet through the scaffold stairway *thump* crash* blink* bonk* blammo* crack*. I don't even bother to retrieve right off I waited till I was going down for another reason, another worker picked it up and hung it by the field office. On first inspection it looked ok but it wouldn't turn on. I replaced the battery cover then re-inserted the memory card then it magically turned on . I took a few test pics to see if it was still a viable camera tonight I'm trying to get them downloaded on my machine. That's not working but it could be a software issue it has happened many times before, I've had to completely delete the cam software then reinstall it just to get it to sinc with my computer and download the pictures. What a fucking hassle. What should a guy expect for 150.00 prolly not much more time to step up and buy a better camera that I will eventually drop 50-00 feet to the ground as an ultimate test of the makers quality.......... reloaded software twice that did it for today..........
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