ITWASSOOTED: rosco's short minute of hate: bicyclers in my ear

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

rosco's short minute of hate: bicyclers in my ear

My new feature when it strikes me.

today I'm driving home from the gypsum mines. I found a new way out of downtown. Its a little easier and seems about ten minutes faster if a car has not rammed smack dab into a bridge abutment and burned. That was last Friday. But I'm off my hate minute. I'm going down hennipen a one way for cars buses can go opposite and bicycles are inbetween. So I'm almost to 3rd street and on the sidewalk on the left side I see a sharp lookin lass with knee high boots on and a camo hankie hangin out of her back pocket. I'm watchin that azz shake rattle and roll waiting for my light to turn left onto 3rd street. watchin the azz does not watch for everything else there is of other importance. The light changes three cars wait for the pedestrian traffic on the same corner we are turning. My turn and I'm just about ready to turn I'm sorta yellin but not insane "TURN THAT MOFO WILL YA! To the car ahead of me mindfully of more peds coming and buses coming from the north at me not wanting to miss the light. Then I'm into my turn and out of fucking nowhere like a message from gawd to Moses in the ten commandments I hear HEY I GOT THE RIGHT AWAY. It wasn't yelling it wasn't even a raised voice, it was like they was right in my ear. Me like a dipshit got my karma caught up in some freaky ladies ass wiggle never looked for bicylces. I say as I keep turning , "sorry" as a carreen around the corner.
then as I calm down from my brush with running almost over, a guy on a bike I'm thinkin to myself why the fuck you say sorry? Why didn't you say "hey you got brakes?" or to bad mofo this is bigger than ya bicycle. But no I say sorry and run over his front tire as I make my left turn.
now I really don't hate bicycles on the roadways but when I'm downtown in this fucked up town I can't remember what roads are one ways what roads have a train on them what roads hit a major freeway half way to where I'm going. I don't need a bicycle guy talkin in my ear as I'm turning. I need this group of pedestrians to be ringing bells whistling singing screaming COMIN THROUGH. I don't need the silently sneaking into the cab of my truck to admonish me as to the rules of the road.

or do I?
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