ITWASSOOTED: Thanksgiving tradition

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving tradition

My thanksgiving will be the same as it's been for years. I guess that makes it tradition. I'll be the last one ready to go. Ma will be kabitching at me to "come on". I'll be right there, I say. Then its off to a brother of hers house, I'll kabitch about driving all that way,(its 40 miles heh)I do it to get her goats and it does. I love saying shit in the car like "are we there yet" like 200 times
and "don't make me stop this car" I do it just to keep up all the fond memories of family travels.
we will be like the second family at the brothers house and have to wait like 2 hours before its eatin time. I wouldn't mind the time except I've fallen asleep prolly 4 times already and really aint up to eating sitting up by now. I'll endure I convince myself. I know at this point its only a matter of another 120 minutes and I'll be safely back home in my weekend underwear relaxing. There will be a call to order pie, depending on how much I've already eaten I might not have pie at this turn. Then as sure as clock work one of the brother inlaws that lives near my house will ask if its time to go yet, the wimins moan and kabitch that they just got here, but they know a few of us unsociables are leaving soon. We drive enough cars to this brothers house that groups can leave at different times and with different drivers and nobody is ever left behind.
we don't do much politics, we don't do family drunks. There is a little wine for the non-alergics. There is beer for the game. But we all can at least stand to be together for 3-4 hours and nobody leaves too ruffled. The food is always top notch and never run out.
the idea of that tradition in this America on this planet makes me, when I can truly think on it very thankful I'm alive and with the people that I dearly love and I believe inturn love me.

maybe next year all spout off on my sides traditions
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