ITWASSOOTED: CIA Prisons Moved To North Africa?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

CIA Prisons Moved To North Africa?

why would they need to be moved? Who on this planet is going to stop the bfee from having prisons,renditions,torture chambers any place they damn well please? And any bleating or simpering from any European country about torture camps run by the bfee is mostly crap for the sheeple's consumption. All of euro-con is behind these gangsters so shut the fuck up about maybe you don't like it.
now our guy Wayne Madsen had this north Africa thing a week ago now CBS news is looking to interject. We shall see ....Well nuttin. Nobody in the msm has made a fucking thing stick to these gangsters. He's never had a blow job (unless he payed for it) so why worry about anything like exporting torture, maiming, mass murdering?
you fuckweasels voted for this and now you can bow down before the ones you serve you're going to get what you deserve.....

(CBS/AP) A Swiss investigator probing claims of secret CIA prisons in Europe said his committee has evidence that supports allegations that prisoners were transferred between countries and temporarily held "without any judicial involvement."
"Legal proceedings in progress in certain countries seemed to indicate that individuals had been abducted and transferred to other countries without respect for any legal standards," lawmaker Dick Marty said in a written report summarizing his investigations so far.

and fromWayne Madsen : December 8, 2005 -- North African nation hosting secret prisoners identified. According to informed intelligence sources, the country that is hosting most of the U.S. terrorist suspects moved from Eastern European secret prisons in advance of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's recent European visit is Morocco.

Many of the prisoners are being held at remote prisons established by former King Hassan II to torture political prisoners. Many of these prisons are in located high in the Atlas Mountains and are so remote, they can only be easily reached by helicopter.

The deal with Morocco was reached as a result of the close relations between Morocco's King Mohammed VI and former Secretary of State and UN Special Envoy for Western Sahara James Baker, Baker's Special Envoy assistant John Bolton, and former US ambassador to Morocco Margaret Tutwiler. Western Sahara is illegally occupied by Morocco but the Bush administration supports the continued Moroccan occupation of the oil and mineral rich territory. In return, Morocco has supported the holding of "Al Qaeda" suspects, interrogations by its security services, and close liaison with Israeli intelligence and military personnel.

"Al Qaeda" suspect prisoners now housed in Moroccan secret prisons

December 8, 2005 -- National Security Agency (NSA) base in Morocco. Moroccan sources report that one of NSA's most secretive bases is maintained by local Moroccan intercept technicians at Tangier, on the strategic Straits of Gibraltar. Arabic-speaking Moroccan technicians listen in on local land and sea communications. While managed by Moroccan intelligence, the station's "take" is transmitted to NSA, according to Moroccan sources. NSA technicians provide logistics and maintenance services on the equipment.

Secret NSA listening post: Tangier, Morocco
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