Saturday, December 31, 2005

Poker itch

Registered for a freeroll at bet365. every Saturday there is a 5k hold-em tourney around 2 pm my time. Pays down to 300th and top prize is 950.00. I've gotten up to top 15 or so and won 25.00 not a bundle but more than I would have just idling away my time doing nothing here. Then I took my last 2.50 at intercasino and registered for a sat tourney to another qualifier tourney for a tourney Sunday with prize pool of 4k. Yeah I threw that money out the window but its what I have left from a seed I won a bunch of months ago getting to final table in their old Saturday night 3k. No easy feat but I won about 45.00 that day, played it up to damn near three hundred. I had that stake for maybe 3 months maybe longer slowly it gained and I'd leave it be. Well one day I went berserker and played some wild assed Omaha and another table of 1/2 no limit at the same time. Much to no ones amazement I lost my stake down to and its been pretty slow since then on my poker habit.
the account I have at intercasino was my first poker account and I never expected you could actually win money there so I registered as "Oscar Madison" well there is no Oscar Madison when you try a withdrawal needless to say I've never taken a penny out of that poker room. Its always been played down to nadda. Now that they no longer need players they don't have real freerolls and its not easy to gain a stake outta thin air anymore. And roscorude is not a lucky person like say Daniel "i'dliketopissinyoursoup" negranue, who can play a cocksucker j2 os into a motherload of a stake. No friends I'm not so lucky in gambling but extremely lucky in other things that actually matter see ya round as I poker and blog my Saturday away........
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