ITWASSOOTED: Turkish truck drivers end strike, resume fuel transportation to Iraq

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Turkish truck drivers end strike, resume fuel transportation to Iraq

we can never be sure who or why stories like this are published. But why does Iraq need to be importing fuels from out of country if this rebuilding is going so bloody smooth? Is it true that the infrastructure was so heavily damaged by ten years of sanctions and constant bombings by the neo-colonialist? Or is this oil rich countries insurgency destroying the ability for the colonialist from taking charge of their resources?

ANKARA, Dec 24 (KUNA) — Turkish fuel-transporting truck drivers ended on Saturday a week long strike, resuming their trips to transport diesel and gasoline from the Turkish governorate of Sirnak to Iraq.

The trucks queue near the Turkish-Iraq border stretched to 35 kilometers because of tight security procedures, said Turkish Cihan News Agency. Turkish authorities imposed strict security measures after learning about some truck drivers selling part of their loads before crossing the border to Iraq.

Vice President of Turkish Transportation Associations, Abdullah Doro asserted that the association had not defended the scams committed by a number of drivers, but refused accusing the entire market.

The strike led to shortage of diesel and gasoline supply in Iraq, which led to the flourish of fuel black-market during the last two weeks.

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