ITWASSOOTED: Brian quit today

Friday, January 27, 2006

Brian quit today

Brian quit today to go to work for the company with greener grasses.
our companies grass isn't as green as it used to be for him. That and the promises of 10 minute commutes to work, his brother works for same company and more than likely a bounty to be split by both brothers. I can't begrudge him any of these things, but I'm questioning my abilities as a handler or leader of men when a defection right under my nose happens. I take this defection as an affront not only to our company which I hold in high regard, but moreso to myself. My shortcomings when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Being a loud overbearing type I defiantly grate on more than a few personalities along my way each day.
I take my resposibilties as a job boss personally. I take each action our companies men on site do as a reflection of what I want to see in the product. What I think our company expects to have as a representation of their product. To that end if my men aren't performing to a standard that I deem worthy of our companies reputation, well let me just say the whole fookun building probably notices immediately. I'm also rather deaf in one ear and can sorta hear out of the other, so I'm a tad vociferous as a norm. Another personality trait not for the weak kneed on site. There are numerous noises being generated from every fookun angle on a construction site so that exacerbates the situation more.
but really I'm a truly sentimental soft type wrapped in a extremely gruff exterior so as to not let any true gently kindhearted soft emotions cloud my persona in public. There was a time when I was new to supervisory position that I thought I needed everyone to like me to get along with everyone. But as time went along I found that people just want to take advantage of you more and more. Get their piece without reciprocation ever, a "dryfuck" as it were. And I came to a stark realization that I'm not going to let people I'm supposed to be leading get over on me anymore. I can compromise, I can apologies I can make things work. But gawd damnit you fuck me over even close I'm not with you ever again. I can be Cordial fake friendly but gawd damnit I'm watching my back for you trying to cocksucker me.
so yeah a defensive bastard is me and if you can't take it call the office...........
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