ITWASSOOTED: Damascus: Danish Embassy set afire

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Damascus: Danish Embassy set afire

who gains from this "show of satire"? the imbicile that ran the cartoons said that allah isn't immune from satire and knew full well about the oncoming jihad? i say it was a well planned operation to inflame the zealots again and again to bring on the gawd damn clash of civilisations all these fucking zealots want. next stop canada? how will they do it in south america?

Thousands of outraged Syrian demonstrators stormed the Danish Embassy in Damascus Saturday and set fire to the building in protest of offensive caricatures of Islam's prophet.

Thick, black smoke was still rising from the three-story building as firefighters struggled tried to put out the flames.

The protest started out peacefully but as anger escalated, people broke through police barriers and used the concrete barricades protecting the embassy as ladders to climb inside the building and set it on fire.

"With our blood and souls we defend you, O Prophet of God," they chanted.
link to the fuckheads in cartoon ops
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