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Sunday, February 12, 2006

hey shut the fook up biotches

Rice: Nations Must Not Incite Protests
WASHINGTON - U.S. Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice said Sunday that violent protests in the Muslim world over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad could "spin out of control" if governments refuse to act responsibly.
Rice, speaking from Washington on ABC television's "This Week," said
Iran, in particular, should be urging its citizens to remain calm — not encouraging protests against Western embassies.

"If people continue to incite it, it can spin out of control," she said of the protests. Last week, demonstrators in Iran attacked the Danish, French and Austrian embassies with stones and firebombs.
alright bitch, have you or anybody you know inside your super secret headquarters ever discussed fomenting revolution in iran? how about aiding agent prevacatours inside any country? have you or your minions ever funded directly or indirectly insurections in another country you wished toed your company line? does the state deparment have offices and agents around the world inciting soverign nations to behave in your impossed images? (you will never answer on super secret national security grounds.) if so the shut the fuck up about burning anything.
pot calls kettle black... again
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