ITWASSOOTED: Piss down my back comments

Friday, February 24, 2006

Piss down my back comments

To change things up abit a few weeks ago I remodeled my comments section. I changed from plain "comment" to "piss down my back and tell me its raining". This small change in verbiage has drastically reduced my comments from 3 in 4 weeks (including the highway construction spam)to one in 4 weeks and that one a begged a known reader into leaving to acknowledge that he actually went to itwassooted. What I find really fookun amazing is I'm not even getting highway construction spam. Yeah comments would be a nice way to see if you are blogging invisible;y or not, but really who should fookun care I'm not Eric severied or Edward r murrow. I'm what I said I am a short fat bald white guy with nothing new to say. There are prolly 100 million of us world wide and non of us are entertaining enough to write a comment anonymously on a blog. Rehashing news stories is my mainstay incase one of the 7 viewers that accidentally happen by may have missed it that particular week. Pithy isn't easy. pissy might be easier but not on a long term basis. snarky is like every couple weeks. Mostly I'm tired and typing is a business I have to sit forward and actually concentrate on. Rehashing news that I read involves like three mouse clicks a one space bar push and maybe embed a picture another two or three clicks. No sitting up facing forward acting civilized involved. Just pure lounge power.
I prolly put in as much news blogging effort as Judith miller did at the new York times writing fake columns to trick stoopid readers. But I did it in my underwear most days she probably did it totally nekkid with scooter libby's cock in her ass............................
edit: i forgot to mention that when i signed up to get a new blog comment script maker, i forgot what my loggin was and password to be able to edit and change the damn thing. i do that quite often and just abandon the program or service that i orginally registered for. in case you may wonder, i would.
if you don't comment no angel will gets its wings... 2