ITWASSOOTED: french penguin hunters

Monday, April 24, 2006

french penguin hunters

i just watched "the march of the penguins"
no commercials, morgan freeman and nothing better to do,
how can you go wrong?

amazing creatures. all that "walking like a pengiun" they make sure they walk far enough away from any potential ice break up as to not lose thier offspring. hell they do all kindsa wild shit as to not lose thier offspring period.
must see movie? not particularily but if you like documentaries and morgan freeman narrations go ahead watch it. you won't be dissapointed.

as a side note i watched a little bit of the "bonus feature" and to my great surprise they show the film makers, a couple french guys. at thier french ice station staging area. one of the guys was smoking. indoors. at a scientific research station!
i didn't expect that, but i shoulda known better. there were also jerry lewis posters all over the walls inside the ice station......