ITWASSOOTED: Gearing up for holiday weekend

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gearing up for holiday weekend

And how does Oscar really do holiday weekends? Well the summer ones for sure are spent mostly pantless. Worked Saturday 6-2:30 so that blows the three day weekend part, but we make up for the lost pay of a Monday off so all is well. Yesterday I told the guys if they showed up we were having a raffle, today I had to stick to my word and hold a raffle. I had them all pitch in a dollar. There were 22 of them total I made up the difference so we had two 25.00 winners. I put 20 slips of paper in a hard hat with the letters h f of s and two slips with 25.00. I made a slight error and didn't fold the paper and a rule should have been in effect that nobody looked at the paper they drew until all had one. Cause we didn't get all the tickets drawn. Nobody bitched though cause I think I surprised them with even having a fookun raffle. I put up 28.00 of my own cash and didn't draw a lot so I think it was fair and kinda fun thing on a holiday weekend when we all stayed in town and worked for the man........(oh yeah h f of s? You ask? Well if you are the first one to guess it I'll send you 5.00 in the mail)one guess per email
now i'm takin my pants off till tuesday.