ITWASSOOTED: All he does is hit singles

Sunday, July 02, 2006

All he does is hit singles

last night twin Shannon Stewart returned to the line up after a 6 week stint on the dl. All he did was go 4-4 with all singles and a late inning walk that ended up being the game winner. Steward wasn't in the leadoff position that he usually occupies but seventh as designated hitter to keep an eye on his planter fascia wound. Steward has always been a huge spark plug for the twins, I hope he was sitting on the bench just itching to get in on this giant twin resurgence that could make for a great summer of baseball pennant chase watching. The Detroit tigers finally lost to somebody (pirates 9-2) so the twins actually gained a single game, the first in about a month of this hot streak for both teams. And the Chicago white sox they did win yesterday 8-6 over the cross town cubs.

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