ITWASSOOTED: oreallys war on Christmas

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

oreallys war on Christmas

I know its July and hot hot hot but I was thinking cool thoughts and naturally my mind wanders to Christmas time when it used to be frosty cold and snowy. And what is Christmas if not the warrior season when all the world is at war with Christmas and of course catholic christmasians. Maybe you all knew this but bill oreally lives somewheres in manhasset long island and you gotta know he was way pissed off about the lighting tree fiasco. He prolly regaled every one on his freak show about this guy in his town. But I just found it today like a pebble in the sands of time when I first see it it ceases to be the amazement of the billions of years its already been here and is now my exclusive property of wonderment. And throught the good graces of al's internets we have blogs so I can let you all in on what has excited and enthralled me today.......

Manhasset is a heavily Catholic community, which caused some tension when the North Hempstead Supervisor objected to a priests blessing at a 2005 Christmas tree lighting in the village.
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