ITWASSOOTED: US warns Nicaraguans not to back Ortega

Friday, September 15, 2006

US warns Nicaraguans not to back Ortega

By Adam Thomson in Managua

Published: September 14 2006 22:05 Last updated: September 14 2006 22:05

The US ambassador to Nicaragua has issued a vigorous warning to this small Central American country’s electors against supporting Daniel Ortega, the veteran leftwing Sandinista leader and the frontrunner in November’s presidential election.

In a frank interview with the FT, Paul Trivelli said Mr Ortega was “undemocratic” and would roll back much of the advances made in recent years. And, underlining the concern felt in Washington about the regional influence of President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, the ambassador said he had no doubt that Venezuela was playing an important role in the election.

“It’s one thing to be truly democratic. It’s another thing to do what the Republicans really have done, which is to distort and manipulate democracy for partisan and personal benefit,”
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