ITWASSOOTED: Flipament and cheaters

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Flipament and cheaters

Played a Flipament last nite cost was 11.10 pretty big pot for an all in tourney. It was a karmic donation to my account so it wasn't really any skin off my nutsac. But I take all serious games of skill, well serious! I was told before hand that its all in everyhand a complete crapshoot, like multi state lotto only some asshole from Missouri with ten million in the bank wins or a group of fucked up cheeseheads win the pots. I'm all game to do it I in my naivete believe in what the game is supposed to be. All in every hand. My hand is A6 os don't remember the rest of the cards I lost. But what was striking was that several players never went all in. Out of the 30 odd players I think 5-6 didn't play by the rules. This fucked up charade went on for prolly 30 minutes until the shortest of short stacks finally won the top prize of 140.00. and sarcastically thanked us all for our contribution. This facking cant should be banned for life from ever touching a deck of cards ever. A total disgrace to poker players around the planet. I used to hate playing Swedes, but now I hate playing fackin cants that cheat at flippament!
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