ITWASSOOTED: Forcing destiny

Friday, December 08, 2006

Forcing destiny

The other day maybe Tuesday I get a new guy to help finish the strip mall project.
the guy is maybe 50's. Old guy I wasn't expecting. sorta heavy set, though I prolly out weigh him by 20. I told him to do a certain task, asked if he thought he could do it and he said yes. Ok
he needs tools a gave him my cordless sawzall because I was short on cords and I didn't want him spending the rest of my life string cords out being a new guy and all. As I handed it to him I told him its my tool do not drop it it cost me 600.00. then he needs a screw gun. He has none of his own I gave him my cordless screw gun and told him again not to drop it and break the damn thing.
well I'm sure you know what happened, he comes back 30 minutes later a pile of battery in one hand a cash in the other.
this is the part where my head would tend to explode. I didn't have time for a full on rant at him. I think I just yelled damnit dood I said don't drop it. He apologized offered me 60.00 and said he'd understand if I didn't want him there anymore. I replied to him in my friendly rosco voice "I don't want your fucking money I want those lights framed in" now go do it and don't drop my fucking saw or that will end your day here.

next item same day just a little later. I have another guy not entirely new but he is a lather not a regular carpenter. I need some parts cut with a chop saw (abrasive wheel) I need the ears cut off only and you need to manipulate the part a certain way or you risk fucking up the blade, or cutting yourself. So the guy is going to cut it the wrong way and I step up to try and direct him to do the cut the easiest fastest safest way I've found in my many years of cutting stuff with these saws. Of course this youngster sort of pushes me aside and says I can do it like a George bush wanna be. I back off raise up my hands and say " well don't fuckin cut your fingers off" he rolls his eyes and I walk away.
I'm sure you know what happened here. No he didn't cut any off but he did get cut.
it wasn't 5 minutes goes by and he's bleeding I walked by and told him to suck it up don't be a baby get back to work.
5 more minutes goes by and he's asking for bandaids cause its leaking all over the parts. Moral of this story for me was quit warning people of the hidden dangers in their lives and just let them crash and burn alone without warning. I mean I am so certain both them fuckers mumbled to themselves that it never woulda happened if I hadn't said anything and cursed the hex I had put on them. Don't ya think?
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