ITWASSOOTED: Playing poker in underwear act

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Playing poker in underwear act

If democrats are serious about winning the whitehouse back they better start courting the redneck gamblers of America. Last October the bushmob signed a port security bill that had a hidden secret malicious piece of crap installed in it banning bank funding of online gambling.
now I can go to the fucking gas station 4 blocks away and buy 1000.00 worth of lotto tickets every fucking week if I choose to and nobody stops me with a government meddlers fucking badge. (my wife and kids would do it).
I can drive 40 miles in any fucking direction to an alleged "Indian" casino and piss away every penny a have every day all hours of the day and nobody would dane to stop me.(except the wife and kids)
why then in government intrusions name can't the same safety valve be used in my poker in underwear playing be used? Why does THE MAN feel that he is to be the arbiter of what I should and should not waste my fucking money on?
THE MAN takes my gawd damn money to build weapons of mass destruction an d uses them constantly on civilian populations!
it also steals my money to export weapons of mass destruction to dangerous regimes around the globe.
they have no calms about wasting my money on their nefarious designs , but gawd fucking damn me for playing fucking poker in my fucking underwear in my own fucking house with my own hard earned fucking money................
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