ITWASSOOTED: “Providing innovative financial solutions to North America’s infrastructure challenges”

Sunday, March 11, 2007

“Providing innovative financial solutions to North America’s infrastructure challenges”

The issue of North American shortfall in infrastructure is a serious one. Research estimates that in the US alone $90 billion is required each year just to maintain current standards.

In order to actively improve the network, a cash investment is required that would upgrade transport networks, hospitals, airports, ports, municipal buildings, housing and schools. Federal and state governments alone are not in a position to fund this injection. Going to the municipal bond finance markets is becoming more difficult as public debt grows ever larger. Moreover, an inability to raise funds through higher taxes means public revenue will continue to remain relatively flat.

Step up to the plate PPP…

The US has a long history with the private operation of turnpikes, but the government’s role in the highway system has expanded over the 20th century. As the government’s ability to support road networks becomes strained, it is looking to new and old methods of financing upgrades.

America has been slower to adapt concession-based PPP structures than other OECD countries.

America has been slow to adapt to having infrastructure we already paid/pay for sold to multinational corporaions to fuck us over a bunch more. for ever looking for newer revenue streams these "pirates" will ruin us all
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