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Sunday, April 08, 2007

short of killing the dawg

While finding this site, checking with wood flooring stores, and the local PetSmart, We accidentally found a solution to the urine stain problem:

Fill a squirt bottle with full strength Hydrogen Peroxide from the drug store. (The solution is about 3.5% out of the bottle). Squirt the stain and let rest for about 1 minute. You will now be able to easily scrape off the varnish. Apply the solution again liberally. Let it react for at least 2 hours. Depending on how old and how dense the stain, you may have to sand the spot and reapply the peroxide several times. Then it will be necessary of course to refinish the spot.

We have just sanded and refinished a large hardwood floor that has been under a wall to wall carpet for 14 years. Imagine our delight to see blackened urine stains fade away with this process...
By Mary from Denver
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