ITWASSOOTED: Mission Accomplished ! : Cerbing at the WSOP

Friday, July 06, 2007

Mission Accomplished ! : Cerbing at the WSOP

I played a mega Satellite (1060)
450 fuckers in it.
They put us in the Tent of Doom.

The temperature was good, but the next table, with my brother on it, was positioned right under an aircondioning hole. The people were frozen solid there.

I played my usual tight as dolphin's blowhole style.
And it paid off. People were laying down monsters against me.
One guy folded AK to my AQ. He was sick about it.

I went on a rush with 3 all in in 4 hands.

One hand was vs Richard Lee ( 6th in the main event of 2006)

I busted out 47th .

44 seats for the main event, 45th got $9000.
I call it a cerb.

I did it baby: cerbing at the wsop !

Mission Accomplished !
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