ITWASSOOTED: plan to brainwash 300 million people into forgetting

Friday, December 14, 2007

plan to brainwash 300 million people into forgetting

Illuminis tells us the who what where and why of 9/11

Now Lets Discuss The Why......

Hello and I welcome myself to the board.

Of all the weak conspiracies 9/11 is the weakest of all. Let me explain.

The simplest form of mind control is repetition. The simplest form of mind control is repetition. The simplest form of mind control is repetition. This controls the simpletons.

Now the rest of you need a good dose of shock-terror-comfort-control use STCC for short. This is the form of control that is and has been used most often for the last 50 years as a science. Its what we might call the abused wife syndrome. She will lie and do whatever is needed to protect the abuser because she sees the abuser as not only the cause of the problem but also the solution. If you say 9/11 you are abused just like the example.

WHAT: Mind control, to pull off one of the greatest illusions of all time.

What I'm going to tell you is a truth that is buried but none the less a truth.

Did terrorists commit the act? Yes. Bin Laden however used their twisted beliefs. He is one of our agents, has always been since the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and is still one of our agents today.

Why are we in Afghanistan? Opium. The Taliban forced too restrictive measures and 'the bad guys' who we support and work for us needed to expand production to meet market demands of the Pharmaceutical industry. At that point in time China had threatened to take over the entire production of Opium for legitimate suppliers of prescription drugs. Dig around and see how many centuries the world has been fighting over opium production.

Control of Opium production has to do with how much money is made in the synthetic narcotics industry as well, so make no mistake we have agents in China and the other production regions as well.

Now we have allies that will direct mindless zealots to do their bidding. We had them on the promise we would assist in the future, which has become the now. many on the supposed list were replaced with look a likes. Some have been photographed as little as six months ago, so they were not on the planes.

WHO: Our opium allies, and agents that control them. (bin yahoo, etc.)

WHEN: Well gullible people say 9/11. It started on 8/24 and broke on 9/10.

WHAT: The use of planes with fuel and incendiaries to destroy key locations.

WHERE: We know the tower plaza, and the pentagon. The third being a decoy, under the guise of the White house, But I tell you now, the missiles on the roof of the White house are well known and any attempt would have been a waste of time and resources. Terrorists that planned for years would obviously know that too since its common knowledge, so there is no point in G-man telling us the crock about the third plane. It was in case somehow some fool scrambled jets.

HOW: We have answered this already. Only the Why is important.

WHY: Google: '9/10 2 trillion' The largest theft of funds ever recorded in human history. 2.3 Trillion dollars were stolen from the military budget. All of the documentation as to how it was done and who did it was in T7 in file cabinets with military incendiary devices inside. This is common with all secret and military documentation. If overrun by an enemy every officer knows to open the top drawers and pull all the pins, starting a magnesium fire and melt through of the entire cabinet. The melting mass of magnesium concrete and metal melted though floor by floor setting the entire building on fire.

STOP! WAIT! We never have just one copy of official documentation ever! Where is the other copy of the theft documentation? WHERE COULD IT BE? Oh that's right, your getting it now. its in the smoking hole in the side of the Pentagon. Saving paper guys. no triplicate forms....

Oooh now we have a tremendous amount of so called CONTAMINATED DEBRIS that can only be handled by G-men in containment suits. Can't see who they are can we? Every scrap and shred of paper picked from the rubble and burned. The rest of the 'contaminated' debris being split and buried in multiple locations.

Ran out of characters there. Where were we? Oh yes, the chemical destruction of the remaining debris. Probably should build a monument of some sort on the big piles so no one in this century digs it up.

I could go on but we answered the main questions and now you have many different directions to look for clues. The Who , What , Where, When, Why, and How being covered, all the answers await your inquiry.

Will you look deep or will you just pull a double at the restaurant to get big daddy his next 18 billion in 'beer money' so you don't get slapped around again?

How do we know this? How could there be a chink in the armor of this grand and wondrous plan to brainwash 300 million people into forgetting a day on the calender never happened? (9/10)

Well folks we know because some people steal. They can't help it. When thing and papers were flying in all directions some people were......picking them up.

Don't let the g-men snuff ya without making copies of your work in triplicate.
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