ITWASSOOTED: NFL 6-2 vs the spread : week one: anybody looking for culpepper?

Monday, September 08, 2008

NFL 6-2 vs the spread : week one: anybody looking for culpepper?

this is what a pit sign holder looks like in F1
nascar has nuttin like it....

European football, extreme suction for the weekend . If it wasn't for Germany scoring 6 goals in second half I think it woulda been a complete blow out.

Formula One race at Spa-Francorchamps in the Belgian grand pre, was won then lost by some English dewd. he cheated by cutting off a corner and not yielding his ill gotten lead fast enough. some claim a Ferrari mafia hatin on the Brits and mclarren but how the fuck would i know i watch nascar,they usually only turn left.

This week on notice:

Twins, twins are on notice because i don't want to bet a team that brought back Eddie fucking gardardo to bolster up a sagging bullpen. they might as well hired 70 year old Rik Albert blyleven from the fucking broadcast booth. twins are circling the fucking drain and going away from pennant. good thing the money grubbing assholes could stay in contention long enough to get two million fat asses in the seats buying 20.00 hot dawgs and cokes.

Dale Jr and quiet possibly all of nascar, we never have won a bet with them rednecks

oh yeah who the fuck took Eli's brother and 9.5 points? guy aint played in months had surgery in July on infected knee. fuckin colts played like an infection ..........
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