ITWASSOOTED: Saturday football/futboll round up

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday football/futboll round up

the tigers of Missouri were favored by 25ish over Nevada ,two of the top offenses in the nation. Missouri ranked 6Th in the country Nevada ranked Podunk u.
its one of the matches on paper the tigers should blow out opponents , but as we all know if a schmo from Minnesota bets it Podunk u takes the big fav to cleaners. well something good happened on the way to the bank, tigers covered by about 20 odd points winning 69-17, and schmo from Minnesota gets a win on first bet of the day.

second up was an emo bet, Ohio state to cover the 11.5 points against USC at Trojan ville. now the top running back was questionable for ou and should have told the story right there. but the SFM was on an emo adventure and wanted to be only ass hat from here with a winner on ou.....guess not Trojans 35 buckeyes 3.. my next prediction , OU goes undefeated rest of season but I'll never bet again on em this year.

Third game of the day was a late starter on west coast, Wisconsin 2 over Fresno state. Wisconsin is a number ten and blew out previous weeks opponent i think scoring 5oish, Fresno state is ranked 21st, now a low ranking like that can sink you to about 30 in a hurry with a couple of loses. but Fresno st held strong powerful fat cheese fed beasts from Wisconsin to only 13 points and we barely squeak by with a win. so the SFM goes 2 out of 3 with kid football for Saturday and is Set up for a full day of Sunday football with the team betting all 15 games this week in hopes for sudden greatness. stay tuned for Sunday recap either later today or Monday.

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