ITWASSOOTED: Big 3 Bailout- Micheal Vick bailout

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big 3 Bailout- Micheal Vick bailout

Vick will get out of prison for maltreating animals soon and be traded/picked up by some NFL team. Americans forgive and forget certain types of people no matter wtf they do.
Just look at who elected George Bush to ruin the country and the middle east TWICE.
I rest my case on that point.
Vick will need to get up and apologize every day twice a day to get the fans back on his side, plus throw tons of touchdowns and run the offense of a winner.
I'm lobbying for Vick to Vikings early just because they both start with a V.

The big three want a bailout again from tax payers. Well give it to them on a few conditions.
One they apologize everyday for fucking people over with their past decisions like destroying the electric cars and telling lies about why they did it.

Two apologies everyday for sponsoring ridiculous sports salaries and ridiculous sports sponsorships that fund ridiculous extravagance that does nothing to further human development and actually foster terrible resentments and undue competition to get more(sports salaries).

The big three should apologize everyday for every fucking lie they ever told the American public pertaining to their disastrous relationship with big oil companies to actually fuck over the general public.
And now that gas prices are again being manipulated downward don't let the fuckers up as to developing wise resource using technology and products to get us around. Stop being such greedy fucking ho's at every fucking turn and then when your shit fails come crawling to the tax payer to bail you out.
There must be a moral hazard for their behavior just like you fuckers demand of me if i fail while trying to rob the general public blind.

Also Quit saying that unions are fucking you over, remember the reason workers need unions is because you big business fuckers are bent on exploitation until fucking caught and brought to trial, usually after people get killed and the public finds out how you fucked them over...

Both Vick and The big three will get second and third and forth chances. Which one will actually show any real contrition and chart a new course that benefits the greater good instead of just the greedy pricks that they were before?
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