ITWASSOOTED: Divide And Conquer

Friday, April 17, 2009

Divide And Conquer

They are workin it, pretending tax protests were about left and right! i say fuck off.

and who is running shit up our flagpoles that says we want to be taxed out of our homes and like it? jeeeezuz fuck shut up there aint a one of us out here wants it!
ask the obama nominees that had tax evasion in their background.

And people aint buying guns and ammo like crazy for armed revolutions dumb asses, they are buying them for protection from the motherfuckin zombies that are attacking with ever increasing frequency.
you can't fucking wait for 911 guy to show up to protect you! fuck no, you best protect yerdamnselves as it happens and wait for the tasering motherfuckers to show up later and beat yer head in under cover of law........................fuck off and good night
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