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Thursday, September 01, 2011

fat and half sassy

its been a long time since I've penned a half crocked missive in blogger but today I'm feeling fat and sassy.

America is huge fat land, i read today that a western state is going to import 16000 foreigners to do the hotel dirty work for them because we are so fat and complacent in our nanny state that the 26% african unemployed(official) and our 10% whitey unemployed(official) don't wont to work for the man at the poverty rates being offered ! is this fuckin true or am i being lied to by every tom dick and Mary with a news paper/website?

do the richest mofos what own all the giant hotels only stay rich because they can import slave fuckin labour into the land your brothers, fathers and sisters died on foreign battlefields to protect can get away with it?

good gawd almighty who is fuckin who here?

if they cant import the slave workers as a regular policy they export the gawd damn factory to the nearest slave holding gawd damned country!

then re-import the widgets for us poor broke assed fucks to buy from them?


guess what after washing my neighbors shirts and selling coffee by the cup for the man... i got nuttin but bread money left over you jackasses motherfuckin republican cocksuckers!

I'm dun for now and you can kiss my fuckin ass about spelling capitalization and punctuation.

welcome back you 7!

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