Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shot By Cop

Cops sure are shooting a lot of people here on the home front.

Not sure if its a rise in cop shots or is our internets just relaying the messages faster?

The quickening takes on many aspects as it tears headlong into that black hole of dead we are all headed to.

there used to be guys in white coats with nets in the movies that went out to capture nutters and put them in hospitals.

we did away with the hospitals, and taking care of our feeble minded that way and hired on more cops fresh out of iraqistan duty to just shoot the rabid cocksucker dawgs!!

shot dead by police

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don't care if your unarmed, don't care if your running away, don't care if  you surrendered, don't care if your 9 or 10, if the man with the badge wants to harm you its going to and without impunity.
the police state looks like this...
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