Friday, July 17, 2015

Soft And Lazy

some giant brain decided years ago that the whitey world of the old united states was a menace to their plans.

they decided that whitey world couldn't be allowed anymore to rape pillage and plunder the whole planet alone and without help.

it was decided that the whitey world united states giant boat would have to be lowered. this giant boat hovers oh so menacingly above the rest of the impoverished world.

in order to achieve this lowering of the whitey boat you need to raise the other boats..

how in fuck do you raise the other boats?

you sink whiteys boat that's how.

you set up a "NAFTA"like thingy

a WHO thingy

"global trading Partners"

by enhancing the rest of the planets under represented with jobs whitey 'merica used to do they could buy shit too, join in on the boon that was whitey America.

you quit educating your own whitey Americans to be thinkers and doers of great deeds. and only teach them to serve fucking coffee and cheese burgers to each other 
"the service industry"

make going to secondary education a prohibitive experience, exorbitant loans that can never be repaid and no fucking jobs anyway in your chosen field.

once this is accomplished you bring in workers from other third world countries, they are educated in the higher arts needed here, like our semiconductor industry, doctors, IT technical shit whitey couldn't do if he wanted to, too stoopid... you want fries with that.

the third worlds have been going to schools on the cheap, or with "grant" plus from where they come the cheap whitey wage is a great fookun wage to them.  plus they can sit in ac comfort and shit on a porcelain throne instead of the ditch outside their gramma's fuckin hovel.

now i get to the "illegals.  they just come pouring in because whitey has grown soft and lazy. he has a porch and a car and a tv and a kardashien show. he aint pickin fruit nuts or corn tassles. 
its got to get picked and libbys and stoppin selling crap gmo food just because whitey wont pick it.  libbys encourages independent contractors to bring in the help. they Don't care who it is just pick the fuckin cotton.

now these people need doctorin, no money, no insurance, no problem the big giant brains that started this whole shitstorm think its a great idea whitey pay for all of it.

after all what kinda stink did whitey put up when the boat sinking shit started anyways?  none.  a look up from a appletini and grumble, then back to Americas got talent.

nobody batted an eye when the fucking ship sprung a leak and started sinking.

nobody really cares.
people care for three seconds when it hits close to home.  and less when its farther away.

the goal was to sink whitey Americas boat and in turn raise the rest of non whitey world up.

it will be a boon to all the great whitey fat fats, as they can exploit more and more imbeciles.

get em hooked on fancy toilets and low interest loans.

I've enjoyed our little talk today, thank you.
 and fo if you really must argue with my fables
I know its all true.
Its on yahoo every day.

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