ITWASSOOTED: Stolen lighthouse

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stolen lighthouse

#1) "The media is the problem", NO, it's the vast majority of the "African Americans", who inflict upon the rest of America their racical tribalism, as seen in siding with the thug, JUST because he's black: (Officer Wilson "executed" Mike Brown in Ferguson, for example, in spite of the evidence, then there was the blanket denial of George Zimmerman's self-defense claim, in spite of all the witness testimony & forensic evidence supporting it).

#2) We live in an open-info society, so, there's no excuse why they would act like they didn't see the strong case supporting the contrary side voicing inconvenient facts. "African Americans" believe whatever they want to believe, it has nothing to do with facts. Media isn't the root of the problem... of course, there are some white "friends" who join the "African American" protests to feel important, to feed their narcissism, and for that, they will help the "African Americans" unjustly ruin the life of a white person.
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