ITWASSOOTED: bush poll watch

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

bush poll watch

this should be interesting, lets follow some recent polling and watch and see if whats being spouted on fuax news is actually happening.
of course you can't govern or lead according to polls , but you can bet your sweet ass they watch them and try spinning them and actully manipulate them. not just the evil doers in power now but all the evil doers that get power.
polling reports

a question on sacrifices to aid
katrina recovery:

"In order for the federal government to handle the problems caused by Hurricane Katrina, do you think the average American will have to make major sacrifices in the form of higher taxes or cuts in government programs that benefit them, minor sacrifices, or no sacrifices at all? "9/16-18/05

Major Minor No Unsure
Sacrifices Sacrifices Sacrifices
45% 48% 6% 1%

looks like a great majority would make some damn sacrifice. but wait!

"Would you, personally, be willing to make major sacrifices, minor sacrifices or no sacrifices at all in your taxes or government benefits to allow the government to spend money to address the problems caused by Hurricane Katrina?"

Major Minor No Unsure
Sacrifices Sacrifices Sacrifices
20% 60% 14% 2%

i believe the minor sacrifices have won. dunno what it means if anything, but looked inneresting
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