ITWASSOOTED: Vikings attempt football today

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Vikings attempt football today

today at the metrodome the Vikings attempt to stop a two game losing skid against the saints. At the same time pay homage to the katrinaites. You know the world has changed since katrina, we can never go back to the way things used to be. Hurricanes hate us for our freedom, our way of life the places we live.
since I have no TV I will be monitoring the game at I suppose. I'm sure there is a live radio feed on this machine somewhere. hmmmmm maybe not. You mean I have to use a radio?
I'm not sure but I think at the dome stadiums the morans refrain from live over flights of f-16's during the gawd bless America portions of the opening acts.
its been awhile since I been inside the stadium, but I believe they use the jumbo tron screen to blast the fighter jets by the fanatics.

haven't found a saints logo smaller yet or figured out how.
ok I found a smaller logo looks better now yes?
wife is on the blower with sat company but its just the same ole line of bullshit as last time.
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