Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rain day

Drove 100 miles this morning to eat breakfast,WHAT A COUNTRY! I had a ham and cheese omelet that was terrible and a dirty coffee cup. Sent the cup back to be cleaned ate half the omelet. 5 of us went to Perkins to talk about tapers, don't know why it revolved around tapers but they seem to be the most noteworthy in our conversation today. I can't really go into details except to say glitter was mentioned anus bleaching, and the Brad Pitt of tapers. Mostly inane blabber. Oh and Brian has a new tattoo I found this out by pushing him out of my way and when he whimpered at me I asked why so fragile. He hadda show it off. It was some scribbly oriental looking border around his earlier tat of his wife's name 300.00 priceless.

I told him I liked his Budweiser tattoo better
he said "all the rednecks like that one". hahahaha very funny little freak.

rain on metro freeways makes them almost impassable not because there is flooding . But because we are imbiciles in cars with everything in our cars except attention spans. oooooooh boy I can't wait for winter to start.
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