ITWASSOOTED: Al-CIA-duh: Is Patrick Fitzgerald a Zealous "Independent" Prosecutor or Experienced Cover-up Artist?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Al-CIA-duh: Is Patrick Fitzgerald a Zealous "Independent" Prosecutor or Experienced Cover-up Artist?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 - 03:22 AM,

"Coincidentally, the U.S. Attorney for Chicago, Patrick Fitzgerald, on the job for only a couple of weeks, had extensive experience as a terrorism prosecutor and immediately became involved in the investigation of BIF [Benevolence International Foundation] and GRF [Global Relief Foundation]"

National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
Terrorist Financing Staff Monograph
Chapter 6 - The Illinois Charities Case Study [ PDF | HTML]

And "Fitzgerald immersed himself in the case and took a major role"? Well, this was quite a "coincidence." In this post Re: FRANK RICH: It's Bush-Cheney, Not Rove-Libby!!!!, I explained that Fitzgerald also was part of the prosecution team in the Omar Abdel Rahman case. Just to recap this, the prosecutors in the Rahman case didn't want their case thrown out on "national security" grounds, so they were careful to totally leave the CIA out of the picture. The leading prosecutor even claimed that when they discovered this "mujahideen" paramilitary training by Rahman's followers, "the FBI’s concern was that the group could be violating federal 'neutrality' laws." Of course, everybody knows that the US was not "neutral" in the Afghan war, and US officials publicly eulogized the "mujahideen" as "freedom fighters." I think that Fitzgerald's role in the Rahman case indicates that the Valerie Plame case will remain as matter of "Rove-Libby," and not "Bush-Cheney."

After examining Fitzgerald's role in the GRF & BIF cases, I am even more convinced that this Valerie Plame case will not reach the "Bush-Cheney" level. Just look at the outcome of the BIF & GRF cases. As soon as the investigations reached those close to higherups in Washington, the prosecutors seemed to spend more time on a coverup, than on pursuing a bona fide investigation. Then attorney general Ashcroft kept a tight rein on the BIF-Arnaout case. "The case fell apart and Arnaout was convicted only of fraud." The terrorism charges were dropped and the DOJ reached this plea deal with Arnaout. It doesn't look like the feds ever even intended to bring a criminal case against the Haddad or the GRF. The plan seemed to be to lock him up until they got him out of the country. ....more
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