ITWASSOOTED: Bird Flu Epidemic is a Hoax

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bird Flu Epidemic is a Hoax

A draft of the government's plan to combat a potential super-flu estimates a death toll of up to almost 2 million Americans. The plan is being rewritten to designate who will run the country during a possibly chaotic period that could follow a mutation of a bird flu in Asia.

The draft is based on the last century's three pandemics, and states that in the best-case scenario, about 200,000 people could die.

The government currently has enough of the anti-flu drug Tamiflu to treat 4.3 million people, and $100 million worth of bird flu vaccine is being manufactured. The draft indicates that tens of millions more doses of each would be necessary, far more than can be manufactured quickly.

USA Today October 8, 2005

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

If you have been viewing the media you must have seen the scare the media and the president are seeking to orchestrate on you and the public. According to a draft of the government's plan to fight a potentially cataclysmic pandemic, this new bird super-flu could kill nearly 2 MILLION Americans.

But I nearly fell out of my seat in the airplane as I was flying back from a conference in Ft. Lauderdale when I read that in the BEST-case scenario, only 200,000 people might die.

Then they post the frightening picture from the 1918 flu epidemic to heighten the fear. It just amazes me how they can get away with this type of reporting that is so obviously manipulated by the government and drug companies to scare you into taking the flu vaccine.
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